I just dozed

I'm exhausted…. I think it's just that I've wound down after the being "on" for such a long time. I couldn't even draw on the plane today… I just dozed.


Patchwork viewed from the sky


However, I thought you might like a run down on the retreat I've just been to.

Quilters Escape, and indeed it is a Quilters Escape. Set in peaceful surrounds the views are spectacular.


The view from one of the windows in my classroom


As I looked out each day, the grasses on the edge of the river swayed gracefully in the wind, the sun skipped the heads of the grass as it moved.


Colored foliage


This is my second visit to teach at the retreat… next year Gloria Loughman will represent the Aussies.

The food was just wonderful, the classrooms large and and Dixie has a faithful following of the 120 or so participants.

My students were handpicked, I'm sure… they were the nicest
ladies. I have great respect for their talent. Being with students for
the best part of a week gives us the opportunity to learn more about each others lives….


Some of the students discussing their projects

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