Show me the money honey.!!!!!

I arrived hone yesterday at about 11.00 am.
A comment from an American man sitting behind me on the plane as we landed…..

"Wow, it's so clear you can just reach out and touch those hills"

Yes, after the mist of LA, the air here is just perfect here. I forget how lucky we are.
As I flew over the hills they were moss green and looked like velvet in the sun.
However, I just didn't have the inclination or the energy to get the camera out.


Latest quake highlights L.A. seismic danger
Region escapes serious damage from magnitude-4.7 temblor

I had time today to check up on the earth quake I felt when I was in the airport in LA Monday night. Some say it was quite significant.


I slept fitfully last night, now that I'm home there are so many things to do.
A lot of exciting things were offered to me on this trip that I haven't shared on the blog. I guess I can say that it has a lot to do with my artist statement.
"Taking Quilting One Step Further"

Looking for new ideas in Quilting.

3:4 way there

It's more than 3/4 of the way there now, it's 99%….. and I'm jumping out of my skin. Those of you who know me will know that I have small diamonds in my pinky fingernails… I know that it is a little crass, but when something happens  – spectacular – I have another one put in….
So let me say, I went with two and came home with 4!!!!

I'ts a funny story of how I happened to have the diamonds put in….

Friend Lisa and I went on a "Thelma and Louise" trip about 6 years ago.
We hired a silver pontiac with wings, had our nails done by this little Vietnamese lady who held her hand out at the door of the studio as we went in and said
"Show me the money honey"   Wooow.
Anyway, her personality followed through in her treatment and we ended up with diamonds in our pinkies and I've kept them there ever since to remind me to take chances in life…..just go with the flow…..

"Show me the money honey"

Our T&L trip was fabulous, we didn't know where we were going, all we knew was that we had to go to LA, the Grand Canyon, Route 66 and a rodeo if possible etc etc.  We did it all and more. Lisa's husband made us pack a pistol, so I chose the cutest one with a pearl handle….!!!!!

I met people on that trip who were instrumental in helping me to get to where I am today…..who would imagine….

We didn't stop talking for 9 days….. by the time we returned, we had solved the problems of the world and the neighborhood…

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  1. Robyn Kirk says:

    Can’t wait for the secret to reveal itself?yourself? LOL and its sounds as if congratulations are in order.

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