Seeing things, the first step in using Creative Expression.

 Illustrating and photographing is "seeing"

You may not be able to illustrate like the person who creates a fancy illustrated journal, but with the advent of point and shoot cameras that do everything except slice bread you can "see" through the camera. You can take dozens of shots….

"Seeing is not an art, it's a gift." It can be learned.

In this photo, I'm "seeing" the shape of the poppy.
It's like an umbrella of color.

I'm "seeing" the colors, that wonderful pale orange and green combination.

I'm "seeing" action, the bees, the water drops tell a story.

I'm "seeing" the effect of sunlight on the petals creating wonderful shapes that just beg to become quilting lines.

I dissect the photo and notice the  color and shape of the stem. The beautiful fluted pale top of the petals. The interesting shapes in the background, the range of greens that blend so beautifully.

When you learn to see, you gain confidence, you begin to shed the inhibitions that have held you back from creating your own designs.

You will never be bored when you learn to "See"


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