Tilly at the gallery.

Jetlag has reared it's ugly head, it's 2.48 am and I'm wide awake, it's 10.20 am  in LA. I inevitably take  a week to get back to a normal sleeping routine when I get home.

Yesterday I spent the day with Miss Tilly who turns 3 today. Our mission, to visit the South Australian Art Gallery.

I will treasure the memory of this tiny little person dwarfed by the huge green walls of the gallery, standing with her hands behind her back looking intently up at the paintings.

"Who made this one Grandma" she would say in all seriousness.

"I think it's a warm sunny day and his face is kind"

We chose favorites, and then she could look for them in the postcard area of the Art Gallery shop…..

She picked them out straight away and then held them in their little brown bag for the rest of the day as if they were treasures…..

I wish I could have taken a photo of her….. but sadly it's not allowed in our gallery.

It's never too late or too early to visit you local Art Gallery. Take a friend or a Grandchild. I never forget visiting our Gallery with a person who had never entertained the thought of visiting… they were absolutely delighted at this new found delight.

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