Never one to work on one thing at a time I have a lot going on in my head at all times…
To be honest, it just happens that way, I'm powerless to control the urge to design.
When I was in Paducah, I bought fabric for 4 projects…. as I walked the aisles  I picked up bolts of fabric that I knew would work well in my new projects…

(a couple of friends who travel with  me think it's rather funny to see me in this mode, and made very rude comments)

A Bayeux class project.
Drawing with thread project.
Scrap book Quilting project.
Fabric for a new collage….

So today the fabric came out and despite the fact that it was only 5 deg in the shed when I went out there… I became immersed… (well I did turn the heater on)

This first project inspiration arose from my visit to the Getty…..
It's large, it's 6 ft X 3 ft…. and I had to prepare the image this morning and get it up on the wall for inspiration…

It's fifteen A3 prints, (in the US that's  "legal" size I think)
My printer prints out large images… but I have to work on a PC to do it, the mac doesn't allow the manipulation of poster printing…
I have fabric that will need some aging,  it already looks like old parchment but I need to work on it….and in reality it will be a really big version of the Alphabet blocks….drawn directly onto the fabric and quilted. A wholecloth you could say.

This image is a hand colored watercolor woodcut by Conrad Gessner 1516

I'm going to create two quilts from this image, in the first one I will create the image with ink and quilt it.
The other quilt will be a collage. A very large collage…however, I will take poetic license and add more detail…. The fabrics below are some that I purchased. I design as I walk the aisles of the shop….!!!

The fabric for the collage

Bright colors, interesting shapes, and good basic colors that I can add to. For instance, look at the  orange, the great turquoise blue and the purple.

The next quilt is Scrapbook quilting. You may remember I did some of these samples earlier in the year.

Scrapbook 2

fabric I purchased for the scrapbook quilts.


You need small prints, vintage stuff, fabrics with writing or even music, vintage colors, rick rack, lace, old quilts…I was thrilled to find those sorts of fabrics in Hancocks to add to my supply of doilies, tapes and old blocks.
Amongst others, I'm using Harvest Home, by blackbird designs for Moda.

The next project is a small project based on my work on the Bayeux Tapestry Quilt.

This is the project that we will do on the cruise around Britain. The ship  docks in Normandy for the day and I hope some people will join me visiting the original tapestry.


This fabric is called Patisserie by Fig Tree quilts and Moda.


Maybe I will use this image, because this is part of my own inspiration from the Bayeux.

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