Month: June 2009

Photo to journal to quilt.

It's been an unusual day. I had to down tools and go inside because we had a tremendous storm….I've just watched the news and trucks were tipped over, power poles bent in half and a lot of damage has been done in the area.Then the power went out for a couple of hours….. This photo is taken during the storm… my photographic lamps reflecting in the window and the star reflection just sat in the right spot… I decided to put my journal picture into fabric. Of course the background was first.   Next the background for the door.   The next thing to work on are the swing doors. I've taken the backing paper off the applique piece and the glue holds the piece securely on my cutting mat.It's easier to work on… when I ask students to bring a small cutting mat and no cutter they get a little panicky.!!! Once they're illustrated, you can barely see the original color of the fabric. However, this particular fabric gives me a good base to …

New Ideas…… 99% there.

I've been writing for the past couple of days… I have a deadline… but in writing I need to illustrate. Rather than do new ones, I decided to use my journal drawings. This drawing is a collage of images in Mexico. I want to teach my students how to create a collage in this form in fabric, and make a quilt… So I think I have to make this drawing into a quilt tomorrow… !!!!!!


  I've been working on my Alphabet today…. NO, they don't have heads,  BUT, they do eventually find  them at the end of the story … and then its a puzzle as to which head belongs on which letter!!!!! I'm not giving away the story. OK, this is the beginning of the letter "J" for Joker, Juggler, Jamie, Joshua, Jordan, Jinda. (lots of "J's" in our famiy) I have outlined the image with a .5 black pigma pen and you can see that I've begun to color it.As I was shading… I thought, "Oh, my blog watchers might like to see this…." This is what it looks like when it is colored……I think it's And look at the difference with the shading….. What I'm trying to do is to make the image stand out… I'm going to quilt around the edge with a black thread so the shading adds dimension to the stitching line. Hmmm…. if you want to learn how to do it, you could study the picture in detail … or you could …

The Quilt Show.

The voice is a bit croaky but an "Eye on Paducah is up on the Quilt Show Take a look at the other things on the quilt show….You can learn so much, they have wonderful articles ……. just fabulous…!! click on the icon on the right of the screen to go to the home page. I love the patterns from Morocco… It's a place I've always wanted to go to… Just a few days and I'm off to England, France, Moscow, Thailand… New cameras, new ideas, new methods… This guy was photographed in the Andes… I have only just re-entered these photos on my computer…. I forgot I had them, but don't you love his ears..

Photos for inspiration.

Inspiration for the letter "S"  I know it's a flamingo, but it's SSSSStanding….. Took the photos at the zoo the other day… and also "Ostridge" OOOOOOO i take a lot of photos as you have gathered by now… I just love the shapes of this falmingo… it just stood there and posed for me.

I finished the video today but the voiceover is with a rather husky voice… Traveling and Quilting affords me the most wonderful experiences… I can photograph them, I can write about them, but there is nothing better than the visual experience so now I have a date to study documentary making it's rather exciting…I hope I can afford the time. I can get back to hands on work tomorrow…. got to finish the illustrated Rhino, and the borders for Frida… but tonight, I'm going to sit on the settee, with a coffee and a snack and get rid of this darn cough. Meanwhile Ralfy has been busy today…. He's still looking for mice…  "You never know there might be one under the shelf… it's only 4" high but I can still get my head under""Oh well, I'll retire to my $9 bed my mother bought me…. it could have been a bit bigger…!!!"

I’ve found it.!!!

Blind from birth,  Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu is a powerhouse of musical creativity. Geoffrey, or Gudjuk as he is also called, is from the Gumatj nation, his mother from the Galpu nation both First Nations peoples from North East Arnhemland. Archibald Prize winnerGuy Maestri shares this wonderful portrait of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu by winning the famed Archibald prize for portraiture. For some time now I have heard this piece of music on the Qantas flights…. there was no mention of the artist… and finally today I find that it's Mr Yunupingu. I was able to download the music through Itunes….if you click on his name you will be able to hear one of the songs that touched my heart.

Finishing the video….!!

Two weeks today and I'm off.!!!  still waiting on visa's though. The information for the cruise arrived today and I admit to having a little heart flutter.It's rather a nice way to go to work….. Prior to an event there is the preparation and expectation for meeting  new students and quilters from other countries… OOOh, I love it….this time I'm pacing myself so I don't get too stressed before leaving. It's like organizing a military maneuver. However, I have to finish a video tomorrow…. this one is called "eye on Paducah" and it will be shown on the Quilt Show. I need to do a voice over, so I have to wait till tomorrow to get rid of the "old lady croak….."  it's getting better and I have to finish it tomorrow. I have some exciting things to share with you quite soon… the teams are still working on them but it's getting closer.

Bugs and blooms

I'm pushing uphill tonight and a feeling a little fragile…..I've succumbed to a chest infection and I feel as if I have a brick sitting on my bosom… It's pouring with rain, it's very cold so I'm going to indulge in an evening under the quilt watching TV.Despite my croaky voice the program went well today. The children were delightful, they were so interested in everything.Rachael thought it was hilarious when one bright spark asked "Do you ever sleep"What a privilege to spend time with seventy five  9/10 year olds…Each child is going to make their own "Rhino" so maybe I'll be able to  show you the results. The bugs and blooms were a hit.!!!  

A special event.

I braved the chill and came out here at 5.00 this morning to finish some illustrations, I almost forgot to turn off the alarm… so there I was streaking across the yard in the rain in my jamas… I've been sitting at this computer all day. I had to finish a film for the Quilt Show and I have a most important engagement tomorrow….I'm giving a presentation on quilts to  four classes of  9 year olds. They asked me to bring  the Rhino along, and I've put a little presentation together  featuring animals and bug quilts.The music bounces with the images and  it ties the whole thing together. There are small bugs that appear every now and then  on the images.  Sometimes, they drop down like a spider, and sometimes they appear in a puff of smoke on a drop of water. The colors are fabulous and the images move every four seconds……  I can't  keep still when it's playing. It goes for 10 minutes… so I think it should hold their interest. I hope …