Blue Hooves.

Despite beginning work early this morning, I wasn't able to get as much done as I would have liked to.

I think I did about 5 hours of paperwork today so I was a little distracted.

I actually did the hooves 3 times until I was happy with them.


But I rather like them now…blue hooves.

The base of the creature is black and I will use it as definition in the quilt. By that I mean that there will be a distinct line outlining many of the pieces… not all of them, but as you can see in the following pictures, I've placed the fabric slightly inside the large black applique piece. If you look at my drawing you can see how I did it…

I had to a  lot of fussy cutting to get the right colors and angles of the lines in the fabric. Now I have big holes in the fabric where I cut out purple lines and turquoise feathers.

DSC05149  DSC05128

Beast 1

I need to add a lot more fabric even though I have divided the main part of the leg into 4 pieces… I don't have enough definition for the distinct shadow that you can see on the drawing.

I wanted to start drapliqueing  the other quilt, I will the two in tandem, I get a better feeling for the movement of the quilt with the detail in the drawing.
Then it's hard not to put that into the collage quilt…but I'm sure I will get there..

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