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This is a rather wild quilt.

The fabric on the far right that looks a little like the underside of wild mushrooms worked well for this piece. I've also illustrated it heavily, although you probably can't tell by just looking at it.

I have illustrated some of the other parts to give texture and definition to the quilt. Mainly the eye, the mouth, the snout….

I'm not happy with the graduation of the snout to horn…..As you can see by the progression in the photos, I began the horn before finishing the rest of the face. I wanted to achieve a  balance in the the colors in the piece and It gave me a better idea as I worked.

I'm not sure either about the wild flower piece, I might take it out. In fact this is the second attempt at doing this part.

There are two pieces of fabric surrounding the turquoise piece on the snout… they haven't been illustrated yet… you can see that the illustration makes a huge difference.

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