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  1. Frances Bolte says:

    Not knowing what a rhinoceros eye actually looks like, I googled “rhinoceros eye”–found images of Sumatran rhinoceros eyes, white rhino eyes… And (sorry Pam) while yours is a very well-drawn eye, it doesn’t look much like what I saw in the photos of rhino eyes…. Back to the drawing board!

  2. Frances Bolte says:

    Upon reflection (after having left my first comment –not a realistic rhino eye), your eye may work just fine. You are not attempting a realistic rendition after all! Yours is a vividly imaginative representation of a rhino, and you should use whatever eye you please. I am enjoying watching your creation evolve.

  3. Pam says:

    Oh Francis…. you’re right….. yes, I’ve decided to leave it, I like it…. and in reality this Rhino sure isn’t realistic… just representative….

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