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Hey Guys your comments as always are encouraging and fun. Jane says she hates cutting into her fabric, let alone give it away.!!!!!

Some of you also grew up with "the children in China" syndrome…. but I relate my decision to thin the fabric to fashion… not just in the design, but also the growth of design and creativity.

10 years ago, we had never heard of the words "Mixed Media" !!!!

What about those fu fu quilts I designed with angels, flowers, little houses…. they all had their place in my growth as a designer and quilter.

I've graduated from cute Angels to whacky letters with no heads and red stripe legs.


Last night I looked through some photos of a trip Keith and I did through the  Atacama desert in Chile. It was 10 years ago, OOOh, I wouldn't be seen in those clothes now……hair shapes change, clothing changes, so in this industry, fabric fashion changes.


Who could forget the excitement of buying yet another Debbie Mum fabric.
I could buy it at the local dime store for $2/$3 yard……. I was in heaven.

Then we had the "reproduction" fabrics….  how I loved that stuff…

There have been huge changes in fabric design over the past  few years. I think I can pretty much date a fabric within a year or so….

Over the past 6 years or so…. I have only purchased fabric for designed quilts… that's not to say that I've got round to make all the quilts that pop into my head…

BUT… there are some staples in the stash. Honest, non dating and dependable…Just like this coat below… I had it made 12 years ago and I wear it still….!!!

Lake Dillon

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