Recycling, rescaling, rethinking.

Well, I guess, that while we are on the subject of recycling, rescaling, rethinking. I'm now going to ask other Tutors…

How about reallocating some of your time?  I know many of my peers do …. to be honest, that's where I got the idea from.

I love talking to school kids about quilting….I'm going to share the Rhino with my daughters year 5 class next week.

You could also give a presentation to a group and forget about the fee.

It's just one of those things you do…..sometimes the group knows in advance sometimes not… but in a way it's my way of giving back because of the privileges I have….

I've met some real interesting people and been in some wonderful situations under those circumstances…. 


you sure couldn't put a monetary value on it.

If I won the lottery I would do it all for free… but that's not about to happen…   well ……maybe it could.

First I have to buy my S type Jag, then house my children, then I would teach gratis.

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