A special event.

I braved the chill and came out here at 5.00 this morning to finish some illustrations, I almost forgot to turn off the alarm… so there I was streaking across the yard in the rain in my jamas…

I've been sitting at this computer all day. I had to finish a film for the Quilt Show and I have a most important engagement tomorrow….
I'm giving a presentation on quilts to  four classes of  9 year olds.

They asked me to bring  the Rhino along, and I've put a little presentation together  featuring animals and bug quilts.
The music bounces with the images and  it ties the whole thing together. There are small bugs that appear every now and then  on the images.  Sometimes, they drop down likePleasing-fungus-beetle a spider, and sometimes they appear in a puff of smoke on a drop of water.Stink-bug_lg

The colors are fabulous and the images move every four seconds……  I can't  keep still when it's playing. It goes for 10 minutes… so I think it should hold their interest.

I hope it gives them an appreciation of the art……

Ralfy thinks he heard a mouse in the shed today….so this is what he's been doing all day.


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