Finishing the video….!!

Two weeks today and I'm off.!!!  still waiting on visa's though.

The information for the cruise arrived today and I admit to having a little heart flutter.
It's rather a nice way to go to work…..

Prior to an event there is the preparation and expectation for meeting  new students and quilters from other countries… OOOh, I love it….this time I'm pacing myself so I don't get too stressed before leaving.

It's like organizing a military maneuver.

However, I have to finish a video tomorrow…. this one is called "eye on Paducah" and it will be shown on the Quilt Show. I need to do a voice over, so I have to wait till tomorrow to get rid of the "old lady croak….."  it's getting better and I have to finish it tomorrow.


I have some exciting things to share with you quite soon… the teams are still working on them but it's getting closer.

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