I finished the video today but the voiceover is with a rather husky voice…

Traveling and Quilting affords me the most wonderful experiences… I can photograph them, I can write about them, but there is nothing better than the visual experience so now I have a date to study documentary making
it's rather exciting…I hope I can afford the time.

I can get back to hands on work tomorrow…. got to finish the illustrated Rhino, and the borders for Frida… but tonight, I'm going to sit on the settee, with a coffee and a snack and get rid of this darn cough.

Meanwhile Ralfy has been busy today….

DSC07605 DSC07609

He's still looking for mice…  "You never know there might be one under the shelf… it's only 4" high but I can still get my head under"
"Oh well, I'll retire to my $9 bed my mother bought me…. it could have been a bit bigger…!!!"

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