Month: July 2009

Gallery of photos and a forest illustration

I've been practicing with my new camera…. Hmmmmm, I've not mastered it yet. Today I went to the National Park with friends…. I took my camera and macro lens and I got some interesting shots… the young men with me also took some of the photos, it was a bit different to using a point and shoot camera, and they enjoyed the experience…. The illustration would look good in fabric… Click Link to the gallery of photos

I touched everything.

I left my hotel in Grayling just after 9.00 this morning and headed the red beast towards Saginaw about 110 miles away. I was off to visit friend Beth Ferrier. 101.9 country  set the mood as I traveled along the free way. "Don't think twice it's alright" Randy Travis's dulcet tones set the pace. Deep green forest gave way to green pastures of head high corn, wooden barns and white timber farm houses. This is a Grant Wood inspiration country….it doesn't take much to make my heart sing. Beths' house it charming and it was special to have a tour of her studio. Our work areas are a reflection of our creative personalities. It's always interesting to see how others work. After a brief tour of Saginaw we drove on to the town of Frankenmuth. The area was settled and named by conservative Lutheran immigrants from Franconia (now part of Bavaria), in 1845. The German word "Franken" represents the Province of Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria, and the German word "Mut" means courage, thus …

Quilt History.

I'm delighted to introduce this great magazine, QuiltmaniaIt has some very interesting articles and one in particular, Inlaid Patchwork in Europe from 1500 to present.I've been studying the technique for many years, it's quite a difficult technique.My quilt, 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness, was re-created from an inlaid applique quilt made in 1776 in Prussia.

Playing with fabric.

playing with fabric. It was a beautiful sunny day today…. I took the bike out for a spin. Like walking, when you ride slowly, you get to see the most interesting things…. I liked this mural painted on tiles.   And right next door outside  the "Jerky" shop was this splendiferous window box. I chatted with the proprietors of several stores and spent half an hour visiting with a tourist to the area from New York. This is the glamorous life of a traveling quilt teacher…. soup, salad, and coffee in your jamas…. The cup and plate were purchased for $3 simply because I hate drinking and eating off of polystyrene. The will remain here until I return next year.

11.00 pm, it's been a delightful day today. Class was enthusiastic and the projects are coming along really well. Some folk are here from Canada and Pennsylvania… We attended the start of the Annual Canoe Race. 99 teams were entered from all over the world. They will race right through the night and the oldest entrant is 84. The town swells to 10 times it's size…..people lined the roads and the banks of the river waiting for the 9.00 pm start. The waiting crowd were entertained by bands and  announcers…. Other lined up on the road behind the river…. 5 canoes wide, 99 teams, the team admirers showed their support by wearing  team t shirts and milling around in small groups excitedly awaiting the beginning of the race. Murals depicting the race are painted on walls of buildings at the beginning of the race. There are no cars in town, they park on side streets in long winding lines. The countdown begins and suddenly the air is electric, everyone shouts support for their favorite team …

A grand event.

This is a little photo journal of the Ice House Quilt shop in Grayling Michigan. The shop was named as one of the top ten in the USA several years ago. The town of Grayling has a  population of 1983 and is known as the "Canoe Capital" of the world. Tomorrow thousands of people will line the Au Sable river to watch this world wide event. There is a craft fair, street parades, and an excitement in the air. The Ice House, is hosting an annual quilt show so I thought you might like to see some images…   We finished the day at a local diner….

Pens and Pencils

  I have both of the Rhino's with me on the road and i can work on them when I have a few minutes to spare….. and a big table of course….The pen I use for the fine black illustration is a 0.5 uni pin by Mitsubishi. However, I also have other pens…Prismacolor premier 05 pigment markers they come in 9 different colors. I purchased them at Hobby Lobby, I've not seen them anywhere else… I also have Faber Castell landscape pens, 6 colors and they are a fine brush. I also got this set at Habby Lobby.I also use prismacolor pencils…. particularly for the eyes.