What a day….

It's been just one of those days…
I went out to he shed at 5.00 am. it is pitch dark at that time…. it was blowing a gale and the rain was running sideways. We live in a semi rural area surrounded by huge eucalyptus trees. We have no street lights so at that time the dark seems to crowd in on you…. the wet leaves of the trees dance and glisten in the wind and rain as the security lights come on.
I turned on the heater and came back inside the house to make coffee.
I sat down to wait for it to get a little warmer in the shed…. when suddenly there was a loud explosion and the air outside turned red.

The power went out and Keith and I made our way up the spiral staircase in pitch dark.
I located the torch by patting the door and locating it in it's permanent spot…
Then we ran downstairs and outside fearing the worse…. (We have a 120 ft gum tree that houses our resident Koala) Both of us thought it had come down…. but no, there it was straight as a dye…. the car underneath was safe….
I rang 000 and reported that there was a tree down somewhere close… "Well Mam have you seen the tree" "No, it's dark and wet and there are no lights"
"Well you have to see the tree before you report it"!!!!
I guess that makes sense…
Within 5 minutes there were rescue trucks and police 3 doors down…
It's still quite dark at 7.00, so I cooked by torch light, put my toast on the wood heater and watched TV on my lap top….
Quite cosy really, camping inside.

But it wasn't cosy 4 hours later when the power was still out.

It's been a round of "Maintenance" eyebrows, nails, pedicure… now I'm tarted ready to go.

Jinda, our youngest took me to lunch…. he's a chef and found an upmarket restaurant in the city.
Jinda is Thai, he always dresses to the nines, (mainly in white) he has long black platted hair held back with a white headband…… so we looked and interesting couple amongst the "Up and coming"

We had a lovely lunch… gourmet food and great conversation… I have to give out my Motherly moments when he tells me that he has a problem with his ear. He can't hear…  Jinda is deaf… and has very little hearing in his good ear..now he has a problem with that so this Mother is panicking a little…

Just one of the problems to handle tomorrow…

The storms have continued for 3 days…. duststorms in the north of the state and rain and ice in the south.

More maintenance at the Chiropractor… he's still fixing the fall injuries and rush home in the storm, only to rush back down the hill to the monthly Guild meeting.
I forgot my drawing book so I litened to everything intently for once….

11.00 pm Now I'm home in the jamas… no work completed today just emails sent by iphone.

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  1. Dolores says:

    You just gotta love Mother Nature. Hope the power is now restored and it sounds like you had a very nice lunch break with one of your “little ones.”

  2. Di Mill says:

    I know you have had storms in Sth Aus…do you know how I know???? Because all of your top soil has blown all the way up to Qld and we have had a dusty brown haze in the sky! Can you believe it…it has blown all the way up here! Amazing!

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