Where do you hide your stash?


I've had some hilarious moments discussing this important question with fellow quilters.

Personally I've never had to hide my stash, BUT, I do know that I could never use the amount of fabric that I have at the ready.
Then again, when I'm grabbed by a whim, there it is, ready to use.!!!

One lady, stated…. "I don't have a stash I just buy for the project I'm working on."
I know the gal, she doesn't have chocolate and chips in her cupboard either or dance when no one is watching.

I get to visit  a lot of "Quilting Rooms" fabric is stashed in places you'd never believe.

How about the room with 6 old refrigerators,  a hole in the ceiling and a table to cut on.

"Well" said my hostess…"it doesn't rain much, but the fabric is safe and dry in the fridges….." and to my amazement, she opened the door of one big old fridge to show a wonderful array of fabric…. neatly stacked, safe and dry indeed.

Another memorable stash was in a ladies bedroom…. the house was tiny and so her sewing machine was in the wardrobe, the fabric stored in cupboards all around the bed….. right up to the ceiling… You could say she wore her stash.
I guess you wouldn't have to go too far to rest in the middle of a tiring quilting session. Sew, turn around and flop on the bed…. clever idea.

Now I met a guy with hands as big as meat plates, he was a quilt teacher, he had to hide his stash behind his power tools in his workshop. He never took his stash through the house, but straight from trunk to shed.

I visited a house recently, that WAS the stash…. fabric on every surface. Fabulous.

I know a stash often gets passed from generation to generation… my friend in her 80's still has bolts of her Mothers fabric.

I've heard of wonderful stories of underestimating the cost of a stash (not for tax purposes, but husbands knowledge purposes)
What do you think yours would be….?

100 meters in Australia would amount to about $2300. I don't think that's too much for an exhilarating hobby really, when you consider a chain saw or lawn mower is a similar cost…and you would only use them for a  hour or so a month.!!!

You could use your stash every day… and besides we fondle our stash… I'd be worried if people fondled their power tools or the lawn mower…

Go the stash!!!!!

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  1. Judy B says:

    I don’t hide my stash, but sometimes I fall over it, push it aside, scramble around it etc when I can’t fit it all in the official stash storage space!
    Farewell, have a great time, and I will have coffee with you wherever you are!
    Judy B

  2. I think there are gremlins that live in my stash, both quilting and dressmaking. Every time I go to start a project I don’t have the right fabric. I’m sure that someone has been in there rearranging and using my fabric. But, thinking about it, it could be my daughter. She likes to sew and never had any money.

  3. Cheri Love says:

    Hi Pam,
    I told my non-quilting sister that I had to have a very emotionally draining discussion with someone, and she said “Well, at least when you come home you can fondle your fabric!”
    Cheri Love

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