Hello LA

I arrived in LA at 8.00 am, (3.00 am the next day in OZ.)

I didn't sleep… there were so many things to do… Great movies, wonderful food and I could plug my computer in…. so I worked  and did a little illustration.
I took photos on my iphone and video on the little flip camera and sent them to Tilly and Kodi  just to let them know I'm safe.

There were no dramas, nothing significant but I'm rather tired. 




Click to view (enjoy the music)

The small travel video

I'm staying in LA overnight, so I hit the hotel, almost showered with my clothes on and then fell into bed for 5 hours.

When I woke I just had to get outside in the sun. I caught the shuttle to the beach and walked along the foreshore… in my haste I forgot the camera. The weather was  just delightful… and I got a little tinge on my face.

In fact I was going to go to the Getty Museum again, but they had to evacuate everyone due to wild fires.

An early start to the airport tomorrow.

It's magic isn't it… I can get into my computer at home wherever I am in the world.. I press a button and up comes the screen at home.

I activated it a minute ago…..and I was hit with  an interesting saying that I've had up there for a few weeks now…

"Never argue with an idiot,

they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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  1. Dolores says:

    It’s good to hear you are safe. Interesting sandal.

  2. adamsme says:

    Wicked orange sandals. Are they commercially available or do you have your own cobbler?
    Mary Ellen

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