Shopping and happy.

This is the view from the living room window in my apartment. The storm clouds are gathering and I guess you can never be certain that they won't turn into a  storm.
It seems to happen without warning here in Minnesota. I was caught out once when I was riding my bike … it was warm and sunny when I left the house… an hour later we were in a full blown tornado…. so I sheltered in Wendy's !!!!!! and ate an ice cream…..!!!
It's happened at least once each trip…. one time Joan and I were stuck in the car outside a quilt shop…. the hail beat down on the windows and I thought they would break with the pressure… well we figured that if we died in the storm at least it was outside a quilt shop….
It's humid and warm and when the heat hits the 10.000 lakes in the state…  it makes for interesting weather….


As I write I'm watching the documentary that Jamie was part of this summer in Australia, Whale Wars… it hasn't aired at home, but I did catch a quick glimpse of him in a couple of scenes… and most importantly his name in the credits!!!!!

It's really frightening to see the full edition with dramatic commentary and music.


Yes, I went to the Mall of America today.
I have been coming here for years… and today was the busiest I've ever seen it…
People were buying, they were laden down with bags…. so I think the economy is on the rise…. not that one can judge it by the Mall of America… but !!!

I walked around with a permanent smile…it's so interesting. I saw a man buying one of the "tuck it all in corsets" advertised on TV for his partner… Hmm, It was hard to suppress a giggle.

The fashion trend is the 80's very interesting, very floral and post hippie.

Orange everything is the rage, bags, shoes, sneakers but I didn't see too many people with orange glasses.

I went to the movie "Proposal" and laughed out loud at the antics on the screen.

Oh, I did buy a new bag and purse….
I'm sorry to say, but I can get the things I use much cheaper here in the USA.  "Fossil"


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  1. Pamie G. says:

    I love that you love being in the USA…we love you Pam and we consider this your second home where the welcome mat is always laid out for you. God Bless you! Pamie G.

  2. Pam says:

    Pamie, youre’ a gem, thanks…..
    I love being here.

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