Nevis Minnesota

I'm not able to use my computer here yet…. so…. I'm  using my friends computer to do the blog…

I left MN for Nevis on Saturday. It's just heaven up here…. When I woke this morning the mist was moving silently over the lake and it mirrored reflections into my bedroom…

I was up working early and finishing a program for this evening.

It's done and we'll wend our way down to Brainerd for this evenings event. I think I've been preparing this program for about 4 weeks… on and off…

I change the presentations often and of course as something comes up….it needs to be  included.

We went to the county fair yestday, we were too late for the Demolition Derby… but we got to see the chickens and cows, rabbits and sheep, quilts and bake goods.

It was warm and a perfect day for the fair, Lori and I sat on the steps of an old schoolhouse pavilion between the tattoo parlor and the christian singers and ate a huge thing called a Funnel cake…. I'm embarrassed to tell you how it was cooked…. but it was delicious.





We gave the Macho Tacos a miss, but have you ever tried fied bread… it's aNative American dish….Yum


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  1. Sandy Gray says:

    This reminds me of another Show without the tatooist and the Christian singers, just chooks and butchers sharpening their knives!

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