I’m wired at last

Back online on my own computer, just for tonight.

11.30 pm. and I've just checked all my emails… so now I can write the blog.

I'm in Baxter tonight home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. We have class tomorrow hope that big blue ox keeps his distance.


I mentioned the word "tornado" someone remind me to not say that word!!!!

This afternoon, we left the house in relative calm and ended up driving through the most amazing storm which ultimately resulted in a tornado. I'll put the video up tomorrow….

The quilters will always come through…. I had to get to my presentation tonight…. so we battled on like true troopers. !!!

The sky turns black, the clouds roll as if they were boiling and turn a sickly shade of green….Yes, green clouds.

The rain made it impossible to see very far ahead and the wind blew sideways.

BUT, you can't hold good quilters down… about 60 ladies braved the elements. I was impressed.

It's so nice to be back with friends… and sadly there isn't enough time to chat to them all during the evening, but the pot luck is always the best in MN and the conversation great.


I also had a treat today…. I was able to visit Linda and Karla at Cherrywood.

Walking in the storage room is like heaven. Floor to ceiling rainbows of color. I know I don't do it justice in these photos.


I admire this fabric so much. I love the colors, the feel, the timbre and the way it accepts the ink for illustration. I guess you could say I'm a fan.

They have some wonderful new colors this season and also cherry rolls to make your heart beat faster.


The Bayeux Quilt features Cherrywood fabric for most of the equines and the ladies gave me yet another bundle of their new colors…. I think they said they are "Tuscan"  maybe I'm wrong… !!!!


Talking of impossible things… I have to thank the Superior company for getting thread to me here in Baxter/Brainerd in just 24 hours….

It was above and beyond.

So it's 12.30. I have to teach tomorrow… and I have to sleep some before class.

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  1. It must be something about severe storms and that green colour in the clouds. Here is Queensland you know there will be a severe hail storm if you see green clouds. There’s a story there. I wonder if it has anything to do with the wicked queen of the west?

  2. Dolores says:

    I am amazed at your stamina. Not once have you mentioned suffering from jet lag.

  3. nedra says:

    Thank you for the compliment to Superior Threads. I know they work very hard at trying to provide the best service possible. I copied your comment and sent it on to Bob. I know he will be proud of his staff.

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