Back in the Woods.

Back from a great class with the ladies from Brainerd…. It's an understated honor to be able to share the things you love the most with friends and like minded people. I was far too busy during the day to take photos of the class.

It was the Alphabet. Everyone did really well.

Now I get to play with my new camera for the next few days.

Personally I was never very good as a student in class so I admire my students for sticking with me during the day.

I'm going to draw a few new ideas tonight…. and photograph them with my new camera…. whoopee…..

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  1. I took some pictures during your wonderful class. You can see them on the Cherrywood Hand Dyed Facebook page. Everyone was just thrilled with their results — you made it easy for all of us to achieve. Thank you Pam, for sharing your work, ideas, and enthusiasm with us in Brainerd. See you next year.

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