OOOh ticks.!!!!

Surprisingly and a little disapointedly the weather has turned cold. I've never known it to be this cold at this time of the year….I know it is only temporary, however, it would be nice if it warmed up again.

I had a free day today, no teaching but a few ladies came round for a quick presentation and show and tell. I guess that's the nature of quilting.

A few minutes ago Lori found a wood tick so now I keep itching…. I hate those things… did I ever tell you of the time I fell of an Elephant…. slipped right down his big hairy side.

That evening I was dressing my wounds and I put a band aid right over a big old tick, I thought it was where I had cut myself…. I left it there for three days, until I began to get really ill. I took the bandaid off and found the Huuuuuge tick…

I also fell down a waterfall on the same day so it was quite a painful experience really.

I had fever and an infected arm for weeks. I went straight from the plane to the Dr. He'd never seen an elephant tick before, so he was no use…..

I walked in the woods today and took photos with the new beast ….. I can even sit at the computer and operate it from there…I can press a button and the photos go wirelessly to the computer.







This is the most wonderful place, loons on the lake, there's a beaver dam, waterlilies in bloom and green, green, green…..Oh and ticks.

Went into town for tea tonight. A typical Minnesota family diner, there were folks of all ages there. It was such an interesting place. The had a huge grill in the middle of the room, the burgers were 1/3 Lb and just delicious… all served with their secret recipe root beer in frozen glasses. You sure can't get more American than that.

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  1. Sherry Boquist says:

    Pam, I love reading about your time in MN since I grew up there and was just there for 4th of July. Actually, I enjoy all your blogs.

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