A gift of presence…. Not presents.

I consider I was given a gift yesterday. A gift of presence…. Not presents.


We traveled some two hours to the town of Foley MN where the past residents were having their annual school re-union.

Students who graduated from 1930 – 1962 were there, some 450 of them came from across the nation to renew friendships and visit with each other.

As you can imagine, each year the list fades with the coming year.

I was with the 1947 group and just 8 people out of 100 now attend.  




I like to mentally stop, open my mind and take in all that is offered in a situation like that. The sincerity and friendliness offered from folks who were several decades older than me was wonderful, but not surprising.


Needless to say, I do that when I go into any situation, being a Tutor has taught me that great lesson.


I laughed as discussion turned to the lists of wives and husbands… “This is my fourth husband” said June a wonderful lady with an infectious smile. She leaned into the man next to her, he nodded and smiled in agreement.




I was introduced as “the token Australian” someone gave the MC my card… after he read out the entire card….. he said, “well she’s been so buy she couldn’t possibly have any children.” !!!!


We drove home past wooden houses and stores where American flags flew high in the breeze.

The volumous skies were fringed with tall trees, branches outstretched like arms and the sky filtered through the top as if they were made of lace.




It was one of those long summer evenings that I love so much. The colors are intensified in the mellow light.  The luminous green grass seemed a fitting  resting place for the grazing stock.

Black and white cows against green grass…. Wonderful.




Tall grasses with  bending heads set amongst white daisies fringed the road.

Completing the picture were red barns, silos with black and white ringed tops, wooden fences and lakes that turned gold in the setting sun.


A we drove past, the white trunks of the huddled birch trees glowed a warm orange and the sun flashed as it filtered through….


Who could ever be bored with scenery like that to view.


Today we are off to a quilt show, I need to wash and pack and prepare to leave for the cities tomorrow….




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    I think perhaps you need to add a little something to your card!

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