IMG_0252 I'm rather proud of these photos. I admit, I took about 40 to get these but I was absolutely thrilled to achieve them.

These are loons and I know folks from the USA see them often, but we in Australia only saw them in the movie "On golden Pond"


We went out on the lake for several hours today. It was just perfect, warm, sunny and I'm glowing on my face and arms tonight as a result.

We spent a few hours quilting in the studio, and then the outdoors beckoned.

I will be on my own computer tomorrow evening, I've got so much to share…. but it's a bit hard to do on another computer….  The time is going too fast, but I seem to be fitting a lot in a day.


My feet are on the ground…. but sopmetimes,

IMG_0212 They are in the water.

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