There’s a blank piece of paper in front of me and I want to share an experience, but I’m not too sure how to put it into words without sounding sanctimonious.

But I’ll give it a go.

Many of us are in a position of mentoring, sharing, teaching and professionally giving instruction.

Over the past few years I’ve thought about the impact of being in that position quite a lot. I do admit, that it concerns me a little. In fact I’ve sought answers from some of my friends, some have been in the same position, some have a wealth of knowledge due to years of experience.

But somehow I can't come up with an answer.

 The question is, “How do I shoulder that responsibility”

Over the years I’ve had comments from students and casual acquaintances on things that I have said or done that have had an impact on their work…. I’m always taken back and rather embarrassed.

It adds to my concern that If what I say and do  has a positive effect on someone, there has to be a time when there is a negative effect.

It’s a huge responsibility to say the “right” thing all the time because there are times that the words we say have an impact and quite possibly we are unaware of it.

I had an email today from a student who was in my class many years ago…..from her comments it’s obvious that the class was a positive experience for her. But on the other hand, I upset another person in the same class because I commented on her fabric…… "you bought that at Walmart, how wonderful…."  Little does she know, that she gave me a wonderful gift….

I went on to buy 160 yards of that fabric for the background of the Bayeux Quilt…. I hope I can get an opportunity to talk to her sometime and explain how thrilled I was…. 

Tje fabric looks like linen… I was so excited I almost hugged her !!!!


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  1. Colleen Barata says:

    Dear Pam
    The dilemma that you are facing is one that people face everyday as the receiver of one’s comments might have some underlying reasons to react or feel they way they do but we do not have the power to know that so we have to go on and do the best we can as we can never please everybody and I am sure the person has gotten over it. regards Colleen

  2. Rachael :) says:

    You should always be kind and thoughtful to others whether you are teaching them or not…didn’t your mother teach you anything?
    You should try being responsible for LIFELONG learning experiences…don’t wanna stuff that one up!

  3. Pam says:

    Thankyou daughter Rachael

  4. Ky Adams says:

    Dear Pam, I took your class last year at Houston Festival and when I got my book this year I looked in vain for your name to take another class! I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find one! Don’t forget that you touch and inspire so many who you won’t ever hear from. I follow your blog and I and my quilt art are forever enriched by your teaching!

  5. Pam says:

    This year it’s my year off… I usually come anyway, but I decided not to come over the pond in October because I would have only been home a few weeks and then I would have to come back again….. so, I’m working on my major project.

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