11.00 pm, it's been a delightful day today.

Class was enthusiastic and the projects are coming along really well. Some folk are here from Canada and Pennsylvania…

We attended the start of the Annual Canoe Race. 99 teams were entered from all over the world.

They will race right through the night and the oldest entrant is 84.


The town swells to 10 times it's size…..people lined the roads and the banks of the river waiting for the 9.00 pm start.


The waiting crowd were entertained by bands and  announcers…. Other lined up on the road behind the river…. 5 canoes wide, 99 teams, the team admirers showed their support by wearing  team t shirts and milling around in small groups excitedly awaiting the beginning of the race.


Murals depicting the race are painted on walls of buildings at the beginning of the race.


IMG_0475 There are no cars in town, they park on side streets in long winding lines.

The countdown begins and suddenly the air is electric, everyone shouts support for their favorite team who run with the canoe held high until they reached the water.

Confusion, noise, color and excitement…. and the race begins.



The entire population of Grayling seemed to be on the move as they followed the favorite team. It began to rain and we drove some 15 minutes to one of the first areas where canoes can receive food and supplies…. their teams waded into the cold water and yelled out the boat number to the silent canoes speeding by. Now it was dark and the rain didn't let up, so my photo is just of the light on the front of the canoe as came down the river and ultimately passed.


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