I touched everything.

I left my hotel in Grayling just after 9.00 this morning and headed the red beast towards Saginaw about 110 miles away. I was off to visit friend Beth Ferrier.

101.9 country  set the mood as I traveled along the free way. "Don't think twice it's alright" Randy Travis's dulcet tones set the pace.

Deep green forest gave way to green pastures of head high corn, wooden barns and white timber farm houses. This is a Grant Wood inspiration country….it doesn't take much to make my heart sing.


Beths' house it charming and it was special to have a tour of her studio.

Our work areas are a reflection of our creative personalities. It's always interesting to see how others work.

After a brief tour of Saginaw we drove on to the town of Frankenmuth.

The area was settled and named by conservative Lutheran immigrants from Franconia (now part of Bavaria), in 1845. The German word "Franken" represents the Province of Franconia in the Kingdom of Bavaria, and the German word "Mut" means courage, thus the city name Frankenmuth means "courage of the Franconians".


It seems that it is a tradition to eat a meal at Zenders restaurant…. they are reported to have the best chicken dinners in the US. So try it I did, along with 100's of other patrons.


My verdict, "Delicious" but it was far more than one person can eat. I did notice that many people had "takeout containers.

Then it was time to tour.

The photos below are the special things I like to keep in my memory.


"Look up, Look up, always look up"


I touch everything, the bark of a very old tree. I would love to reproduce the texture in fabric.


Statues and water, color and movement, texture and imagination





Colors and shapes, the beauty of nature.




Always look up.

Texture and shape, it's magical.

Cute things.



Even Quilt shops


Beth found the fabric she designed.
OOOh, then on to the CIMG_0649hristmas shop…. the size of 4 football fields, can you imagine…!!!
It was just amazing….
I arrived home late, 10.30 after keeping my eyes peeled for deer. It was light until 9.30, so when I arrived at the hotel I breathed a sigh of relief.


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