Buzzing with Quilters.

This hotel had been buzzing with Quilters for the past 10 days… 3 separate groups have set up in the conference room, machines whirring late into the night.
There is a tray of pastries (or maybe donuts) on the bench,  and the conversation flows as sweet as the fresh brewed coffee.

Our retreat was first, next was a group of friends who come every month or so and book in to the hotel and quilt.

Now it's a group making charity quilts…


What a hoot…. the hotel is really accommodating, the rooms are large and reasonably priced. They even have a fridge and small utility bench, just big enough for a large cutting board.
Without the interruptions of daily life at home the ladies quilt up a storm.
There is no "honey, can you get me a coffee"…..

Just coffee, cake and quilting….at your leisure,  what a way to go, these ladies have got it right.


Tomorrow we're going to canoe down the river…..!!!! whoow.

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