Onward and Upward.

Writing as we face the onward trip in a  small commuter to Chicago…..hopefully we’ll have a little bigger plane to Paris. !!!!!

I had the responsibility of getting us safely to the airport in the “red beast….” The GPS had us in the tradesman's entrance of the airport….

I was stressed to say the least.

Why? well I had 10 important things to complete this morning…. I mentally tick them off as I go.

Change phone.
Ring the lady who left a message
Post surplice. etc, etc.

The list goes on and it’s mundane for the most, but essential for a successful trip.
Keith forgot his sandals and it’s going to be mighty hot in Paris this week….. I can’t bear 6 weeks of sneaker and hot shoe perfume, so we had to do the rounds to get sandals for his small feet….seems most shoes are over size 9 here……!!!!

When I got to the airport I had to eat yogurt to assist the burning in the pit of my stomach….

Now I can finally relax and catch up on my journal, and book….

I guess many of you wonder why I take the time to write a blog….put simply, it’s a release from my busy day and schedule.

Writing is a form of “therapy” a bit like meditation…. I get to go over the day. To share the excitement and nervousness of situations…. and to review what I’ve photographed or filmed during the day. I've been writing a journal for 30 years now.

There isn’t a day go past when I don’t pick up a camera… that’s an absolute delight for me…

Writing reinforces the positives…..(of which there are many in this job.)


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