Fabric District

It's been a hot day today. I think it got to 95 deg (31)

I filmed the fabric district of Montmatre.

Tissus means fabric.

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This is a historic district, a little run down, but full of tourist shops and the most wonderful textile/habidashery
I've taken the back streets, walked though dozens of shops and touched the most beautiful laces, silks, appliqued and embroidered fabric. For quilters who use only cotton, there is a limited supply, but it can be found amongst the other treasures.

But we need to look at linen, at lace and silks, if you love fabric this is a wonderful place to take your time and browse, design and imagine.

Part of the excitement of this area are the Art Markets behind the Sacre Coeur Cathedral.(Sacred Heart)
We wandered through a square where artists have been painting and selling their wares for 100's of years. It's an image we hold in our mind of Paris.

I would like to purchase a painting, I generally do from most places I visit…. but somehow, I felt the images were not necessarily from the heart… mainly the pocket.
No doubt I could find something I need to have if I spent more time there.

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    Thanks Lizzie…. super, I love it already…..!!!

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