We're staying in a delightful hotel in Bayeux.


We have 3 rooms, a small office, a rather large room for a bathroom and a bedroom with two turret windows overlooking the garden.


I have a ceiling window, above my head and at 10.30 darkness has just descended.


Along with thousands of other tourists we visited Mont Saint Michel

Oi !!!!!!


It took us an hour to go 600 metres to get out of the carpark!!!!!

I've never seen so many people….

How can you take photos with all those bodies around….?

Fortunately I've been a few other times and was able to get better shots.

"One day, about AD 400, St Michael stood on a mountain and pointed his finger into the sea and said, this will be Mont Saint Michel."

And so it was.

I did photograph some of the windows…

I converted it to a drawing and colored it…..

I think it could make and interesting block.

IMG_1816 IMG_1816


Can you imagine this in Batiks?

Any one want to try it while I'm traveling?

But I want fabric like this….


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  1. Eleanor F-W says:

    for the Roof fabric you could design it and Spoonflower could print it [for a fee]
    no connections but would love to have some printed one day.

  2. Frances B. says:

    Do I spot some orange in your hotel? Thank you for these enjoyable, interesting (vicarious) summer travels.

  3. says:

    I think you do, How surprising !!!!!!

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