A very special time

It's been a wonderful day today…. and here in Bayeux France it is 7.00 pm and the sun is still high in the sky, in fact, it's just as if it's mid afternoon.

I figure I can get more out of the day when we have more daylight….!!

I have a little skylight in my loft office and I have bright blue sky over my head.
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel is playing very loudly.

This is the music I play when I'm working on my "Bayeux Tapestry to Quilt"

Keith is out doing the washing…..(as he should be)

Well, there were no crowds, traffic or lines today…thank goodness.

Keith had his first view of  the Bayeux tapestry, and for those of you who have just joined me on the blog, I'll explain that I am re-creating the tapestry in quilt form. It's 236 feet long….
By Christmas, I plan to have the entire quilt in applique form…. by that I mean that all the pieces are laid down on the background cloth.

So that means NO TEACHING for almost 6 months….

I have already quilted quite a lot of it but I need to put more time into it….

Writing, photographing and filming take up a lot of the time too.



It's always emotional for me to see the original.
I know every inch, I know every hand movement of the characters, As I move along the line, I plan what colors I will use for the remaining images…
The formula for the quilting has been completed….and I take possession of it… it's my trademark.

Keith and I had a personal tour of the Bayeux Cathedral today, we learned a lot…. my head is still spinning from overload.


Sure I took out the eye wrinkles….!!

Down time came when I shopped for the grandies.. I added more books to the ever increasing library…. and we went to a great meal and concert this evening….

IMG_2004 IMG_2005

IMG_2006 IMG_2007

The clothes here are just wonderful, everything is in layers, the fabrics are wonderful, sheer, lace, knit in irregular shapes…. and as you can see in Tilly's little green top….applique, applique, applique.


I love this jacket too. as an ex fashion designer, the creative juices flow when I see these colors and designs.

Yep, I've added a few items to the list, but surprisingly no shoes.


I love this jacket too, it's mid thigh, lower at the back than the front and 3" scallops at the edge…. similar to sleeve.

I believe it's grey boiled wool. I bought Tilly a brown coat like this last year… it was embellished with free form applique flowers…that's one garment that won't be passed on out of the family.

"Quilting isn't just picking up a book and going to the shop with the pattern in hand. It's ever present, floating in my head constantly. It is who I am, It is what I do, It is what I dream, it is what I create"

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