I'm a very patient person.
I don't mind standing in line…..in fact I quite enjoy it.
It's a time to watch and reflect.


Today, I surprised myself by finding my patience tested….

We had to wait for 1 hour in line to purchase tickets to Versailles.
A woman behind me, blew smoke on my neck and chewed gum very loudly… She broke the world record for bubble popping…. and she sounded like a cow chewing cud.

Oi !!!!!!!!!

But the wait was worth it…

I took almost 400 photos…. We walked a very long way and climbed a pyramid of steps I'm sure….

The colors were breathtaking, the textiles superb…. the marble, textures, reflections and gardens made my heart sing.

I got some wonderful ideas to add to my alphabet.!!!!

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  1. kathie says:

    oh those type of people are the worst!
    I hate having anyone smoke near me…and chewing gum like a cow, well thats one of my pet peeves
    glad it was all worth it! 400 photos wow
    you could do a coffee table book with just photos from all your travels, I would love that

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