One of the frustrating things when you travel is the darn internet signal.
It's costing an arm and a leg here in Paris… and it's so slow…. it was better in Bayeux and it was free.!!!!!

Oh well, that's the way it goes…

Each day, I have to take care of business first then I can download photos and do the blog.

Yep, business never ends and I must admit, it's been pretty stressful this trip  having supplies shipped o'seas…. it costs a fortune and I'm on edge until they arrive safely.

One more day here in Paris, and I've already got out the tickets and accommodation info for Scotland. OOOOOh I think we're going to go from shorts to woolies I think.

Tomorrow the plan is to seek out the markets selling vintage textiles… I don't know what I'm going to find.

Yesterday I took the most wonderful photos of textiles at Versailles. There was room after room of inspiration….. however, I'll have to wait till Scotland to share them.


Today, we walked through part of the city. On one bank of the Seine we found 100's of people on a makeshift beach with imported sand, deck chairs and umbrellas. On an island in the middle of the river, under the shadow of Notre Dame scantily clad Parisians made a cement pier their sun catcher.


A street cafe beside the Louvre was where we ate lunch as we watched a parade of people pass by.

The women's clothes are so interesting and decorative….. I could almost be persuaded to take up fashion design again….

The trend is for loose sheer shirts or tops, layered over a small t/shirt and tights or (for a better word) harem pants…!!!!

The fabrics are wonderful, fine knits, sheer cottons….

We sat in a square overshadowed by the Hotel De ville. the square was once the main site for hangings, burnings and other horrific executions… but today we sat on blue grass and watched a free concert.

The young man next to us wore a skirt over baggy pants, another had purple shoes on with red tassles….!!!!




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