One of the nice things about teaching is the camaraderie with other teachers.
A few weeks ago when I was in Michigan, I mentioned that I had a great play day with Beth Ferrier  if you visit her  blog and scroll down a little, she's added a short precise of the day.
It was a special little gem during my teaching tour.

We've met a few times previously in person and our online communication continues through our teaching involvement. We Quilt Teachers share special companionship.  However, as with all occupations in common, it's hard to understand unless you've experienced the ups and downs of this crazy life.

I found her blog about the envy of her achievement and endeavors from individuals in her Guild and 'friends'  – interesting, and sadly, not unusual.

Today, I met with Janet Rae, who kindly hosted me in her home here in Edinburgh several years ago….. It was so nice to have a cuppa together and catch up on news.
I bought Janet's book  "Quilting in the British Isles"  some time ago…. It's a wonderful book and her knowledge of the history of quilting in the British Isles is second to none.

I read every word, and as with many of my books it is thumbed through and notations are written in the columns.

In 12 hours, IQUILT is to be launched….. you can go to the display on the right side of the blog.

I will be there to answer your questions….!!!!! (well, actually when I wake up)….


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