The next leg

Oh my goodness. It's just about over.

The bags are packed to overflowing for the next leg of our trip.

There have been whoops and hugs as I greet students from previous classes who are coming on the cruise with us and then tears as we say goodbye to old friends.

I've met the most interesting people. Sampled new fabrics and had a feast of new ideas thrust upon me.

I spent a precious hour with a student I taught several years ago in South Africa. I'm so lucky -  and we will meet again when I go back to Cape town.

It's been interesting for Keith to see my work environment…. when I go home I pack all that stuff in the bags and I become Wife and Mother again…

LQuilt has taken off with a bang and those of you who have booked my class, don't forget, I'm just a click away to answer your questions..

I'm working on the Gallery right now…. I need to get the catalog out of the bag and match the numbers to names, there were no names or description on the name cards.

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