On the high seas.


It’s been a little frustrating to say the least.

We visited Bath and Stonehenge on the way down to the ship. I’ve been to both places before.
Bath is elegant and whimsical and we were able to purchase a pastie there much to Keith's delight.

Stonehenge, as ever, a fellowship of genius that stands to remind us of the ingenuity of our forefathers.

The first night on board we had internet and then it crashed… so no communication from home at all.
Last night, I think the 3000 people on board were attempting to get on and it was very slow.

So I waited till this morning.

Our first stop on the ship was Guernsey. We opted to do our own tour rather than pay the exorbitant amounts that less fit passengers pay for a tour.
We were able to tour the Island on a public bus for 60p and got back in time for lunch on board ship.

Guernsey is beautiful, just as I imagined it…. tall Victorian buildings set on narrow winding streets.


There are flower boxes in every spare spot….. Magnificent displays of flowers… I think of my puny boxes and marvel at their resilience…
I have no idea how they can fit so many flowers into one receptacle.

The countryside is green and lush fringed by the dark blue water of the ocean.
Superb, one could describe it as enchanting.


Yesterday was Cork and Cobh. Once again we used public transport to get around.
I found wonderful inspiration in the architecture os some of the buildings… the tiles in the Cathedral and in the entrances of less salubrious abodes found a place on record too.
Today is Dublin. All I can see out the window is commercial docks, so this will be an interesting exercise in getting around….



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  1. Cinaea says:

    Hi Pam,
    What a wonderful trip you are having! Bath is lovely isn’t it…
    Thanks for sharing your journey and Quilting inspirations with us all 🙂

  2. Hi Pammy,
    Try and get to St. Patrick’s cathedral in Dublin. It is now church of Ireland and not catholic. They have the most wonderful collection of medievel Knights regalia. These are the Norman Knights we are talking about. I liked Strongbow’s stuff. It’s all old and tattered but still great. Oh, hope you are having a great time. What is Keithie doing?

  3. Nearly forgot. At the National Museum they have a wonderful military quilt. Using the same techniques as your 1776 quilt. This museum was also involved in the research into Viking boats, like the ones that William used.

  4. Frances B. says:

    Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

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