6.16 am an we’re sailing….
I can’t believe that the sky is pink and blue and we may have a clear day as we arrive in Dublin.

I have no idea what we will find today. We have no pre-planned trips, just adventure.

Yesterday was amazing, we overheard that there was a rather big event happening a taxi ride and a ferryride away from the ship.
Dressed in our warmest clothes we ventured forth and lo and behold not a tourist in sight. We attended the Cowel Games. It’s an annual event.

There we were two invisible Aussies amongst 1000’s of kilted Scotsmen and women. It couldn’t have turned out any better.

We stood on the bright green banks of the sports field and watched the events in awe, pinching ourselves to make sure we were really there.

Band competition.


Tossing the big pole (I can’t remember what it’s called really)

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  1. Fran says:

    Tossing the Caber.
    Enjoying your trip from my office chair.
    Your unexpected adventure reminds me of when GW and I came across a High school baseball play-off – amazing!

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