Month: September 2009

Stained glass window…

This quilt was made after a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I took a photo of a 13th century stained glass window… it was small, about 15" square and I wondered if I could  re-create it as a quilt. I enlarged my photo… Made a drawing of the original by putting the photo on the light box and tracing it. The drawing was placed on the light box and then the imaged traced onto fabric… I colored it with a black pigma pen and colored tsukineko pigment ink pens. I cut out each individual piece and placed it on black fabric. Voila, a stained glass window. I quilted it with YLI smoke mono filament thread. (Actually it was appliqued and quilted at the same time) I stitched the pieces down with a small invisible  stitch…. A small zig zag. 1.4 stitch width, 1.4 stitch length. size 60/8 "sharp" needle and 50 weight black masterpiece thread in the bobbin. Cotton batting, (warm and natural)

Drawing No 1.

This is an experiment…. I sort of know how it's going to turn out, but then again !!! it could be a flop. I enlarged my pencil drawing to fit on an A3  size sheet. It's 11" square. I have a piece of high thread count cream moda fabric that hasn't been washed and I pressed it and placed it over the pattern that was taped to my light box. I taped the fabric over the paper for better stability. With a .5 black pigma pen I began to draw the outline of the pattern. I use a Uni pin pigment ink pen, made by Mitsubishi (It's the pen on the top of the picture) You can see that at this stage I've just outlined the images… I have two choices… I can color the shading in with thread, or I can do it with pen and just quilt around the outline…. I think I'm going to do the latter.


I've been working on some new classes to teach students to create their own textures. hen the idea would be to quilt them….!!!! This is a project on creating some of the textures I've seen as I travel. Stones, fields from the sky, wrought Iron. Rivers, Gardens, Roads. This will be blown up to A3 and then quilted in texture and illustrated with drapplique….. I love the way the texture in the tiles moves and creates depth…. I will give you a demonstration tomorrow.