still having difficulty with photos…..!!!!!

We’re sailing over the top of Scotland right now…It's quite calm and not terribly cold. Tomorrows destination is Invergorden and Lock Ness. !!!!!!!

It’s almost midnight and I’ve just finished working with my students…. they can quilt till quite late in the evening in the conference room if they wish.
I showed some of them an episode of “Jam and Jerusalem” it’s my favorite British comedy and is about a Women's Guild in a small English town. We watched it on the big plasma screen…. and laughed out loud, it was wonderful.
The series is poignant at times with flashes of clever British Humor.

You may wonder why I’ve not mentioned textiles. In Ireland, you immediately think of linen, in Scotland, wool. With the short amount of  time ashore it’s not easy to source the factories…
I imagine it would be easier if we had a car.


Yesterday in a minute of madness at the Indian festival, I had a design placed on my hand with henna. It was so interesting…. however, after it had dried and I removed the dried henna…. I could barely see the design, it was orange and it looked like a few more age spots…. but when I woke this morning it had gone the characteristic brown. I’ve certainly received some strange looks today.

But I like the pattern, I think we could develop henna  patterns for quilters… but it would look nicer on the  palm of you hand…. maybe it would bring you luck as you hand quilt.

Well I’m almost asleep at the computer…. the days have been full of new experiences, not just visual, but meeting new people is just great.

Time for bed.

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  1. Marianne says: has some great designs. I used to live in Saudi Arabia and was there in March for two weeks for a reunion. I had my right hand hennaed up to my elbow – lasted two weeks… Before I left, I had my right leg,ankle almost to knee done and it lasted almost 5 weeks. DON’T peel off the dried henna – it has to flake off (it does come out of your sheets!) Reactions here in Mexico, where I live, ranged from – that’s not permanent is it – to Wow is that sexy – from people I didn’t know. It’s great to be 62!!! And it really was lovely! Mine was the brownish color which is more traditional rather than the black.

  2. Cinaea says:

    Hi Pam,
    WOW you go girl! – new experiences, laughter, quilting, new ideas and designs and possibly a new quilting niche…?
    Love hearing about all your fantastic experiences! Keep them comin’
    Cinaea D.

  3. Frances B. says:

    WIth a little investigating, I discovered that the British comedy “Jam and Jerusalem” goes by the title “Clatterford” in the USA. I just requested it from our library and am looking forward to viewing it. Thanks for the tip! And, as always, thanks for sharing your travels.

  4. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Dear Pam, what a wonderful adventure we are all having with you & Keith. I laughed at you rubbing off the henna & ending up with more age spots. When my mum was 80 she visited me & we went to some local markets & they had airbrush tattoo’s!!!!!! Mum had always wanted a tattoo so I said here is your chance; so she ended up with a beautiful butterfly on the back of her neck. When she returned home my brother & wife were horrified as she told them it was permanent I received a very irate phone call!!!!!!!! I still laugh over that. Pam I have just joined Olga course on IQuilts she makes paper piecing look so easy?????, after doing this I will join up with your course on IQuilts. Thanks sooooo much for such a wonderful opportunity to keep on learning. Cheers Glenda Down Under

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