Too many.

I met a Thai woman once, she was a teacher and I had been visiting  her in the southern part of Thailand. I was running an Education program for Thai Teachers and I was with her for a few days, but we had met quite a few times previously.
At the airport, as I was leaving,  she separated me from my traveling companion and took me aside. She grabbed my hand, and with an earnest look on her face she turned it palm up.
She looked at it for a moment, traced her finger down the centre then quietly said.

“You think too many, but you must always finish what you begin”
I thought, what a strange statement for her to make, what did it mean,? but I’ve never forgotten the incident, and every time I finish something I set out to do  I feel a sense of achievement. I get a mental picture of her and say “thankyou Sue”
Some of you have seen that I have small rhinestones in my finger nails…. (strange but true)
They are my achievement medals  ~ from me ~ to me…. and each year, I begin a new achievement list…. on my hands.
Some years I have 10, this year I have 4 and I have more two more to put in when I get home…

So, I often think about Too Many.

Too many years have passed, can I turn back the clock but keep the wisdom of age.?

Too many small things happen in my life that are inconsequential to others, but I feel the need to document them for my family.

For too many years (almost half my life) I was pathetically shy and felt embarrassed at the slightest mistake. I finally said, “I can do it” and went out and DID it.
What a shame I felt that way for 30 years so I’m making up for missed opportunities.

We’ve had too many tragedies in our lives….

I've got too many pieces of fabric in my stash.

Since becoming a quilter I've had far too much fun than is legal for one person!!!!

I think I’ve got too much time on my hands, and too much time to think as I play tourist and sailor.!!!!!!

It's a great day today…. think about Too Many.

Too Many Too Much.

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  1. Frances B. says:

    Pam, perhaps it was all those years you spent locked in shyness that made possible your creativity and exuberance for life and art and experiences now. I love the Thai woman’s message to you. I will try to adopt that (as I seem to start much and fininsh very little). Thank you for this little gem.

  2. Courtnie says:

    Your blog today was very thought provoking. It will keep me pondering for awhile.

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