Yesterday was another day in Edinburgh.

Leaving the ship and getting to one’s destination however, is not quite as simple as stepping off the gangplank.

Yesterday was a “tender” day…. the ship launches it’s own small tenders which ferry you to shore.

A shuttle bus takes you the 12 miles or so into the city. Well it all sounds straight forward, but with 3000 passengers and maybe a 1000 or so crew departing, its a practiced feat of coordination.

I wanted to visit the “Apple Shop” to have them look at the iphoto glitz on my computer….so we got in a lot of exercise walking to our designation…

The assistant in the shop, gave me a few hints and I was able to get it up and running again when I returned to the ship….

At dinner last night an announcement by the Captain shocked us all. On our departure from Edinburgh, we were returning the way we came instead of going down the East Coast of Britain. Severe storms in the English Channel as a result to the hurricanes in the Americas forced out diversion…. which means we don’t get to France….

So as I write we are now sailing back over the top of Scotland. We were all disappointed, but the safety of the ship and all on board is paramount. The Captain feels we will be safer in the relative shelter of the Irish Sea……

Darn it… so two days at sea to quilt folks….!!!!

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