I’m lucky I don’t get sea sick

Another day at sea… it was reasonably sunny and I couldn’t help thinking that it would have been nice to have been in Bayeux… Sadly we were the other side of Britain sheltering from the weather, not docking in Le Havre.
The Captain reliably informs us that other ships have been caught in the storms and will be a day or so late in docking, so in reality… he did the right thing by steering a safe course.

It was a little rough this morning, the swell was about 14 feet… I love it… I’m lucky I don’t get sea sick although a few students succumbed and sat out on deck.

We worked all morning and then after lunch I continued working on a video. I’m behind with my videos for the Quilt Show…. but I had to wait for my new camera, and then the internet connection has been almost non existent.

Most importantly, Keith was able to get the latest football scores and I was able to send off a few business emails…. so here’s hoping that tomorrow in the hotel will be better.

The video I completed is a walk through the Paris Fabric district… Montmartre and the antique fabric markets…

I almost forgot that it’s Fathers Day on Sunday but we will be winging our way to Moscow…. I’m rather excited to say the least.

Teaching on board is exciting…. we’ve had an enjoyable experience.

Now I can concentrate on class in Bangkok…. they are full and I’m thrilled…

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