We made it.

One day we're in London,


you just hop on a plane, and in 5 hours we were standing in Red Square.


It’s 6.00 am right now and 2 am in London….so we had just a few hours sleep last night.

OK, so I’m going to bag British Airways, the plane was old and dirty, the food was terrible and I’m whinging…

The hostie plonked a fish dinner down in front of me… “No fish thank you” I said. (I don’t eat fish that has been stewing on a plane for two hours…)

“We don’t have a choice” she said as if I was a school girl, “if you can’t eat what we give you you should ask for a special menu”

What….. !!!!!!

I just put my earphones in again and continued with my work…and  shook my head.
1000’s of flights under my belt and one always has some sort of a choice for a meal. My thoughts were less than positive.

Half an hour later she came with a dried up pasta dish….. and decided to give me a lecture on plane food etiquette…. how to order a special menu on British Airways….

I sort of rolled my eyes….

When we arrived in Moscow… we had to wait for an official to come and put a blue gun to our temples to check our temperature for swine flu….. she skipped me, but Keith says she crept up on me. I missed it all.

Our Russian Son Sergie and his wife Vera  were waiting for us when we got through customs and we got to get our first view of Moscow.


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