I’m a designer.

I’m a designer.

It’s a delightful state of being because life is always full of interest but not always understood by others. I was made aware of the fact when I took more time than my two male companions could bare when I visited several venues today….
In the end I sent them off and just arranged a meeting point.

I’ve composed and designed ever since I can remember and in a way it’s my own world. A nice place to be.

When I travel there are always new ideas, new things to stimulate my imagination.

I have a desire to re-create…. a pattern, an image, a photo, a painting, and I have had comments.  “that’s not a quilt, it’s just a copy”   It sort of cuts you to the quick at times…. but then again… it’s my world.

Yesterday in the church in Red Square, and the day before in the Hermitage in St Petersburg I saw images that I had only seen in books and in documentaries..

BUT….. I had seen them before in other art works…..  what is new?
Fashion in images, fashion in colors, fashion in design, flows from one generation to the other….
I’ve visited many of the worlds best museums and art galleries… I’m not an expert on art but I find the similarities in “design” refreshing.

I had a gem of a moment yesterday.

It might not be important to others… but on my own I had the opportunity to explore a church compound. I happened to be in the chapel when the service began and it was one of those moments that will remain in my memory for ever as a “Treasure”

Here in Moscow the churches are deemed as working churches or museums. Many I’ve visited date back to AD 800….. it’s hard to believe. Life goes on surrounded by beauty and antiquity. The church I was in was a working church so I couldn't take photos.

Like every other church it is shaped like a cross.

The marble floor gleams and reflects the gold icon covered walls and the glimmering candle stands. The walls and ceilings are covered with paintings and the altar wall at the front is almost pure gold.

In one corner stood 5 black robed nuns. They began to chant which slowly progressed to 5 part harmony hymns. The sound reverberated around the church. Sweet and pure.

The congregations stands, many of them had grocery bags in hand. There are no pews just a bench on the back wall for visitors like me to observe.

Suddenly a gold robed Priest appeared from a door between the icons in the front wall. He was a young man and carried a gold encrusted smoking incense burner. He appeared to bless all the iconic Saints on the front alter panel and then walked down through the congregation. He gently swung the incense burner at each group of people as he passed by and the smell of incense followed him and remained, it was sweet and heady.

In all, I was in there for about 30 minutes…. it was wonderful and not the normal tourist experience…

Experiences like this influences the way I look at things. The way I see design and the reason I create an image the way I do.




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  1. Dolores says:

    Pam, you are wonderful. We who read your blog get to experience these travels through your eyes. I know I will probably never get to Moscow and so it is an armchair experience that I am enjoying immensely. Thank you. I love the first photo. It would be wonderful interpreted as a quilt.

  2. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Pam you make me days start every morning on the right foot. After travelling along with you I have something to think about while I’m in the garden or washing dishes throughout the day!!!!!. Having spent a couple of Xmas eves in Vienna churches I could visualise your church service. Even though you don’t understand a word been said it is a wonderful atmosphere & connection between the people. I always enjoy your approach to your photos; I especially liked the first photo this morning I’m all ready mentally doing it in candle-wicking. THANKS SO much for sharing. Cheers Glenda Down Under

  3. ann weston says:

    I too, enjoy your blog, the photos are very enjoyable and your tales interesting. I am amazed by how much you fit into your life. Thank you for sharing, I get to know of places I am not able to visit.

  4. pamholland3@mac.com says:

    Thanks folks…..as I sit here in the Moscow airport waiting to go on to Bangkok via London, I’ve had a bit of time to think about the past few days…
    This has been a long haul, 3 months almost and to be honest i didn’t do any homework on Moscow, simply because I knew we were being looked after here by our Russian Son.
    I was a little concerned at what me might encounter, and I have to say,other than the terrible traffic, this is the most amazing place to visit and If you like art and culture like I do…. it’s almost heaven.

  5. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Heaven is visiting a fascinating new city or area & staying there for 5 weeks so you can go back & see what you saw yesterday if you want too!!!!!!! Cheers Glenda Down Under

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