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Just about to fly.

I'm in the British Airways club and catching up on business and important family stuff….

It's 4 hours to London, 4 hours wait and the 11.5 hours to Bangkok.

I have two presentations to begin and I might get some more of the Alphabet book written…. oh and of course I'll sleep a little.

Village 2 Village 3

These two drawings for the book were done before I came to Moscow… I don't know where the idea came from, just a whim, but now I have some real examples.


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I travel the world teaching and talking. Photographing and writing, Sharing experiences What a way to go.


  1. I’m exited too.. I laugh as I write the book, design the letters and quilts. Guess I’m just having a good time at it anyway


  2. Have only just seen the drawings and the related photos. I am in awe of your ability to see on the inside and then draw so we can all enjoy. Look forward to seeing more and then the completed book.
    With love


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