A day off today.

It's the first day for a long time that I've not been committed to the time of others and despite feeling tired it's 1.00 am and sleep eludes me. I decided to get up and set the alarm for an early start in the morning… then… I played on the computer…

Keith and I wandered through the Chatuchak Market.


Buddah's in repose.



Antique and serene amidst the hustle and bustle


Color and form



Absolutely wonderful fabric…. silk and cotton.


Event the taxi's are bright.


It covers 35 acres and in 35 deg heat and 100% humidity it was a test of resilience.
Each narrow alley holds exquisite surprises… Antiques, fabrics, food, clothing……gold.!!!!

It seems as if the whole world has descended on Bangkok, from farmer to financier, tourist to trader.

The smells, the noise, the colors all add to an exciting experience. As a designer it's a place of great mind stimulation.

I love it, but I think Keith was a little less enthusiastic.

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