Drawing No 1.

This is an experiment…. I sort of know how it's going to turn out, but then again !!! it could be a flop.

I enlarged my pencil drawing to fit on an A3  size sheet. It's 11" square.

I have a piece of high thread count cream moda fabric that hasn't been washed and I pressed it and placed it over the pattern that was taped to my light box.

I taped the fabric over the paper for better stability.


With a .5 black pigma pen I began to draw the outline of the pattern.

I use a Uni pin pigment ink pen, made by Mitsubishi (It's the pen on the top of the picture)



You can see that at this stage I've just outlined the images… I have two choices… I can color the shading in with thread, or I can do it with pen and just quilt around the outline….

I think I'm going to do the latter.


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