Month: October 2009

new Ideas.

I woke with a start this morning, looked at the clock and it was 4.30. I knew the day was going to be busy with the more mundane so I made a strong coffee and went out to the shed. I have a certain amount I need to get done each day and I really can't get behind. Actually it's lovely at that time… I had a possum peer at me through the skylight his little pink feet padding softy as he walked away….and I shared the dawn with the birds. I got my work done, answered emails and was ready for breakfast at the market… then I was pooped. It was delightfully hot again today and I just love it… but I admit to falling asleep for 10 mins in the chair after lunch. I mentioned yesterday that I will do another 'texture' quilt. I'm going to do it on Agapanthus.I did a lot of sketches at one stage…this time i will try colored pencils instead of ink. I've not been able to settle …

Texture quilt – almost finished…

Another warm day today… I just LOVE this weather. It was so hot today we had a power outage… I was sitting in the TV room and I could hear this terrible noise… it was my electric toothbrush taking off on it's own because the power had gone off… It took me ages to get it under control… If the blog is running a little slow, I think it is the Type-pad publisher… I have contacted them, but they have just re-configured their doolally…they state they are "Looking into it." I've almost finished the texture quilt… I have some beading to do on it, the binding and label… I'm really happy with it with the exception that the mono filament came through ….minimally on the back, and despite that I achieved the look I wanted. I toyed with quilting inside —- what looks like wrought iron, but I've decided against it… I really feel it stands out more as it is than if I quilted in that space. I did try a little quilting and …

A Summers evening.

Don't you love the smell of summer, specially the evenings. The birds are singing their final song of the day. Rosella parrots, green parrots, kookaburras and galahs and I have no idea the name of the bird with the beautiful song at nightfall, all I know is that it's lovely. Nightfall  releases the smell of the Jasmine  and the heat of the day has  intensified the Eucalyptus and as the evening rolls upon us it's just a special time. AND the other thing is, Keith is at the Quilt Guild meeting and I'm at home playing on the computer.!!!!

Quilting on the Internet.

It's been a lovely day today. The weather is just super and I've been able to get a lot of work done. I marvel at what is available to us now, -  media wise that is. Today a attended a "webinar" a seminar on the web. It was an intellectual quilting subject and shared the seminar with  over 100 others from all parts of the world. There is nothing we can't get from the web. We have information at our fingertips. When I first got my computer, many years ago now…..I joined Quiltingbee in the USA and I was "Pam in the shed" I still meet people who know me by that name. Then I joined Scquilters in Australia and NZ and I couldn't wait to see what was being talked about each day. Sadly I don't have time for for either anymore… but now we all have blogs, and web pages. I send huge files  overseas at the flick of a button. I still use a lot of books for information, but the web…. …

BIG patterns.

The next lot of drawings. (patterns) for the Bayeux are finished…. I laid them out on the back block to check them… As you can imagine, I don't have a design wall this big… Then Ralfy ran across them and put a hole in one….!!!


I finished my article and project today, now back to the real stuff… The weather has turned and despite the hayfever, I love it… finally I can wear shorts, and sit in the sun for lunch… it's going to get into the 100's in a day or so. That puts me in a good mood. Well, I'm usually in a good mood…. and I've kept the neighbors on their toes all day with very loud music from Handel. I Love it. I can keep the windows open and soak up the summer.!!!! whoow….

A quilted and color outing

Every month we have a local market. They sell products from local businesses… You know what it's like when you live in a community… events like this are a great gathering place for friends and neighbors So here is a little photo journal of our market. I just love the colors.             "Mummy, I'll pick, you pay"

Camel Project.

  The camel project will be available soon.. you will be able to read the article, and make the pattern…. It's for an exciting new magazine….!!! But I'm going have have a few hours in front of Telly tonight… I tried to last night and fell asleep in the chair. Guess where I got my pattern from?